How Math is helpful in other subject

MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS: children should have rich knowledge of mathematics to understand physics. Generally final shape to the rules of physics is given by mathematics; it presents these rules in practically workable form.

Mathematical calculations occur in every step of physical science.

MATHEMATICS AND CHEMISTRY: Molecular weights of organic compounds are calculated with mathematics. To measure the constituents of mixtures and Chemical compounds.

To calculate Empirical or molecular formula. In balancing the chemical equations. In electronic configuration of atom of the element.

MATHEMATICS AND ECONOMICS: Statistical Methods are used to calculate and to know the Volume of Trade, Trend of Import and Exports, Economic Forecasts, Trade Cycles, It helps in calculating various indexes like crop production inflation, etc.

MATHEMATICS WITH ASTRONOMY: Counting of Stars and Planets, No. of moon/satellite of all planets. No. of stars in galaxy.

Time taken in revolving at its own orbit. Formation of seasons, Life of star, galaxy etc. And Distance between two planets.

MATHEMATICS WITH COMMERCE/ACCOUNTS: With the rich knowledge of commerce it is possible to study the economy of the country. Only by the knowledge of mathematics, Debit, Credit process & expenditure in accounts of industry, banks firm, etc are determined.

The commerce teacher of should try to teacher make understand in such a way that students may relate and explain all specific terms mathematically.

MATHEMATICS WITH ENGINEERING: without mathematics Engineering is like sea without water. Mathematics has very strong correlation with each and every branch of engineering.

Mathematics is used in every branch of engineering like Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Architect, Civil, Chemical, Computer etc. To get admission in any engineering stream, student must read Mathematics as a subject up to class 12.

MATHEMATICS WITH INDUSTRY: Mathematics is used in industrial work for example:- weaving, knitting, making furniture, leather work, making paints and fertilizers etc.

Mathematical calculations are required to calculate all work and the cost.

MATHEMATICS AND GEOGRAPHY: Geographical figures are explained in the terms of numbers only like seasonal conditions, temperature, humidity, degree, measurement of rain etc. the geographical conditions also defines the economy of a rich/poor country.

Many countries like India have agricultural based economy due to its climate, rainfall, rivers and weather prediction.etc.