Regular tests, assignments and worksheets

  • Completing assignments and worksheets makes students more responsible and helps them learn time management skills. When they receive assignment and worksheets from different classes, students immediately start to manage their time so that they can complete all the assignments on time. Also, they know they are responsible for delivering the completed homework to their teachers.
  • One of the benefits of assignments and worksheets is perseverance. Most students will not manage to solve all the tasks the first time without guidance from their teacher. They need to try again and again, persevering until they succeed.
  • Students learn self-esteem, and this is one of the direct benefits of doing assignment. If they cannot complete the assignments on time, they risk being ridiculed by their classmates and risk a low grade as well. Being able to consistently submit the work on time and do a great job at it immediately raises the self-esteem of students.
  • One of the pros of assignments is the fact that it teaches students how to stay organized, plan ahead and break complex tasks into smaller, more manageable parts.