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Why Math?

Why Math?

Having a firm foundation in mathematics helps us develop the needful skills to analyze data, solve problems, decipher patterns, pose hypotheses, design experiments, verify proofs, make logical conclusions and acknowledge new information in the rightful spirit.

One of the factors that attracts students to mathematics is that it is a subject where you have to learn the least number of facts or data, and thus can spend majority of your time in creative thinking. It is not about mugging up a long list of formulas, the idea is to learn to think in a certain way. When mathematics is taught as a manner of creative thinking, students naturally learn to use various formulae, techniques and tricks and also figure out smart solutions to questions posed. In the long run, they grow up to become people who have a fundamental instinct to learn and think creatively and critically, no matter what career they choose to pursue.

We at RN Classes strive to make mathematics an interactive and enjoyable experience. Our teachers make conscious effort to spark curiosity in the students so that they not only enjoy the discipline but also develop a healthy bend of mind to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

With a solid ‘mathematical approach’, students learn to –
  • Quicken their mental rigour
  • Reason quantitatively and qualitatively
  • Formulate logical arguments (in favour or against)
  • Be precise and to the point
  • Be more methodical and organized
  • Question others’ reasoning with an open mind
  • Think deep and analyze critically
  • Reach their own convictions
  • Use the right tools in the right place
  • Discover pattern in repeated events and derive conclusions

The above list is not extensive and we would find many other advantages of learning this discipline in our career and in our life as a whole. Juggling through rules of Physics, balancing molecular weights in Chemistry, applying statistics, making economic forecasts, calculating inflation, projecting astronomical theories, presenting industry trends or studying agricultural conditions – nothing can be practiced without having Mathematics as a basis. It is integral to our attempts at understanding ourselves and the world at large.