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Small Batch Size

Small Batch Size
  • A smaller teacher to student ratio means that every student gets the due attention that they need. The teacher can focus on the queries and doubts raised by the children and address them adequately.
  • Teachers can observe the class as a whole while also attending to the students as individuals. There is a greater scope of teacher student interactions wherein even the relatively shy or introvert kids open up more often to express their thoughts and observations.
  • With more attention being given to each student, the level of transparency and hence trust also grows between them. Feedback shared from both sides is better acknowledged and worked on for a sought-after improvement or solution.
  • • Children by nature seek a comfort zone, be it for fun or for studies. In a small batch size, they get an opportunity to come out of their shell relatively faster. They tend to express and share their ideas confidently which is a great step in their overall learning and development.