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There have been many quests for the one essential trait, and they have all come up empty handed. Among the factors that do not predict whether a teacher will succeed: a Master’s degree, a high score in B.Ed., an extroverted personality, politeness, warmth and confidence. The teacher is the one who can throw his whole force into the tendency of the taught. Do not try to disturb the faith of any man. If you can, give him something better, but do not destroy what he has. The true teacher is the one who can convert himself, as it nearly, into thousand persons at a moment’s notice. The true teacher is he who can immediately come down to the level of the student, and transfer his soul to the student’s soul and see and understand through his mind. Such a teacher can really teach and none else. The teacher who deals too much in words and allows the mind to be carried away by the force of word loses the sprint.

Another condition necessary for the teacher is sinlessness. The questions is often asked ‘why should we look into the character and personality of teacher?’ The sine qua non of acquiring truth for oneself, or for imparting to others, is purity of heart and soul. He must be perfectly pure and then only comes the value of his words. Another conditions is in regards to the motive, for money or name or fame. His work must be simply, out of pure love for mankind at large.

Teaching is not just delivering a lecture on a topic but is so much more to it. Effective teaching is to provide a platform to the students to think, research and learn. It is not to hold one’s hand and escort to a place but it is to give a direction which should enables one to reach the goal.

At RN Classes, we try to accommodate these philosophies to the best extent. Our Teacher Training Program consist of teachers working as a team and not as single individuals. Keeping in mind that teachers with solid content knowledge have the greatest effect on student achievement. The program grooms the teachers through the seminar system. The atmosphere in seminars is completely democratic and final decisions are taken unanimously. As a teacher, something one becomes rigid, but here one learns to be lesser rigid and genuinely flexible. The program also includes the ways to formulate new problems and analys them. Trainees are provided with the opportunities to attend the lectures of more experienced teachers. Here, we consider teaching as an art.