About RN Classes

18 years ago, a pertinacious man Rajinder Arora M.Sc, M.Phil from IIT Kanpur visioned to develop a whole new concept of classroom teaching in mathematics and thus RN Classes came into existence in Panchkula with an aspiration to enhance the level of teaching in the region . And 10 years later i.e in 2007 , it shifted its base to Chandigarh. The purpose of this institution is to impart the right approach to IIT-JEE , AIEEE , OLYMPIAD, CBSE , KVPY aspirants. Our cherished ambition ensued in a arduous journey of producing trendsetting results. It is the driving force of our passion that we have revolutionized the teaching level of mathematics in the tri-city i.e Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali. Initially, we guided the students to open their minds to ingenuity. Beside that, we felt a strong urge to pass on the innovative ways of teaching to the future teachers of our country and thus, we introduced a unique faculty of dexterity i.e teacher training programme. Our school of mathematics now accomodates about 6 teachers , 20 teacher trainees and 1200 students. We also have a well-equipped library catering to the needs and likes of students. Even though our teaching techniques includes conventional ways inspired by Swami Viveknanda's philosophy , it is unparalleled in various aspects. We not only take care of the toppers but also of all the students as reflected in our results in past fifteen years. In a span of 16 years, we have yielded 44 students in top 100 IIT-JEE ranks.

We believe that all power is within you ; you can do anything and everything. Believe in that !